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After my last two reviews, I wanted to cheer me up a little bit and the best way for me to do that is to scroll my collection and pick a story I know with certainty that I loved it. So I started to read Shutter by Trista Ann Michaels again and finished it today. I am not sure how many times I read it but most probably more than 3 times and still the same emotion, still the same awe.

This book was released in september 2009, so indeed not a new release but because it is not a new release, it does not mean that 1. I should not review it 2. put this book in the corner. This book does not deserve this treatment!

First, I would like to mention that the story may stir some strong uncomfortable emotions for certain readers. The heroine was beaten and raped continuously during all her teen age up to 17.  So before you think to read this book, you need to be aware of that even if as a romance, there is a happy ever after ending.

Everyone who read this story will tell you that it was a huge smile to the man who created Playboy, Hugh Hefner and his bunnies as he calls them, the girls who lives in his house.   I thought it was a nice homage.

The characters were completely credible. Credible in my vocabulary is the #1 compliment I would give to an author. Credible means that I could feel the emotions, I could breath their insecurities, I could understand what they were going thru. Credible, for me, means that I could meet the characters in real life. Trista Ann Michaels write credible stories…

The heroine, Bethina, went thru hell and came back. What added more credibility in the story is that the author gave the heroine time to heal. It took 6 years to the heroine to fall in love and move on emotionally and physically. When I read stories where the heroines were abused and 2 months later they are in love, I loose complete interest with the story. The words impossible and stupid come to my mind and I am almost out of there: next book please! Unfortunately, most authors do not take the time to understand that a small detail like this can put a great story into the okay story. Authors should always keep in their mind: in real life, is it possible? How long would it take to heal or to react like this?

The two males are also incredible. I am not only talking physically because so far I never read main characters being ugly. Here are two friends who are sharing women for a long time and fell in love with the same girl and face jealousy and possessiveness. THAT is also credible. THAT is also what I would imagine some would go thru in real life. The fantasy menage when everyone is falling at first sight and live a beautiful life forever and ever and ever. Yes, sometimes it is fun to read a happy menage story like that. It put smiles but the book will never be rated 5 but a 4 at the most. Always this credibility that I put up front 😉

Reading this story, I could feel as if I was in L.A., as if I could see the paparazzi there, as if I could see the mansion on the hills of Hollywood…

Publisher’s description (Loose Id):

Magazine photographer Bethany thought the nightmare of her past was over, that she could finally move on without fear. She thought wrong. Thank goodness she won’t have to face it alone. She has Nathan and Derrick to help her. But Bethany wants a little more than just their help.

Derrick and Nathan are used to sharing women, but never a woman they both have feelings for. While they struggle to get past the jealousy and tension of their joint seduction, they have a bigger, more important battle—against the monster determined to claim her for himself.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, ménage (m/f/m), violence.


Ann Cain provided a nice touch with the cover and the camera. She also made sure to show us a blonde model which is appreciated since the heroine is blonde platine. It is a nice attractive cover.

Note to author:

Your blog show indeed a long list of your books but none of the links are working. Therefore, I have chosen to link  you to Loose Id knowing that not all your books are published there.


Loose Id do not offer any excerpt.



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  1. Oh, this sounds like a good read. I like stories where lives aren’t perfect and they have to heal. I’m happy to hear you found a book to get you out of your mood. 🙂


  2. marynaughtywhispers says:

    LOL thanks!

    My best medicine is to re-read a story that I know I loved! TG, there are quite a few on my list!

    Cannot wait to read YOU! 😉