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Belonging to them

Belonging to them is a very nice romance. I thought it was original although credible. Who knows if in years or decades from now Earth will no longer be the planet we know. All kind of catastrophes are already upon us: earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, flooded area… I mean they are all there already but what about if one day everything became too much and we could no longer recover and have less and less areas to feed us, therefore plagues on top of that and hungers. I mean all this is a strong possibility and unfortunately if you listen CNN, a lot of countries all over the world are fighting those catastrophes already. So. Marla Monroe did not stretch too much here. Everything can be only exaggerated and extended to north America.

Now, regarding the characters. I liked them. I did not fell in love with them but I thought they were standing their role nicely. I thought that Brandon was quite credible. A lot of people do hold themselves and prefer to be miserable rather to admit that they were wrong.

Now the plot was a bit weak. The story starts when the heroine, Heather, ran away from a brothel which she stayed one month. Okay. We did not need to know exactly what happened and yes my imagination was working enough to make my own scenario but what I found strange is that none of the owners tried to find her. That, I did not find very credible.  Also when she got fever, I would have take my truck, go back to the ghost town, find medicine books and go back to the wall-mart pharmacy and get the appropriate antibiotics. Brandon became the expert because he did not loose his marbles when he sew her arms was also a bit stretchy for me

But overall, I had a good time. 112 pages was not very long but it was a good story

Publisher’s description:

Word Count: 34,349

Brandon and Bolton are brothers living in the Border Lands. Heather hides in their trailer to escape slavery, but has she traded one cage for another? The brothers are more than happy to help her out and take her home to their Border Land Farm. They work to convince her they are good guys and won’t hurt her.

Bolton knows he has fallen in love with her, but Brandon isn’t sure she sees him as more than her keeper or owner. He wants her to feel the same love she feels for his brother, so he pulls away.

It takes nearly losing her to a wolf attack for Brandon to realize he’s being childish in asking for her to treat him differently than she does his brother. She loves them both equally, and he has almost lost the best thing that ever happened to him.

My rating: 3 stars

At home with them

I am not sure if it is because I read both books in a row but I was a bit disappointed with the second story. I thought that was almost the same characters in a different situation. The guy who loves but do not want to admit… checked. The character who needed to be patched… checked. The heroine feeling rejected… checked. The walt-mart shopping with the wolves outside… checked. Sex in the shower… checked. The epilogue with the dual penetration… checked.

I mean nothing was new. I think even the author got mixed up with her first story because page 107 she called her heroine Heather instead of Jessie!

The plot was weak and the story was a clone from book 1. Again if I did not read book 1 first, I may have liked it like book 1 which makes sense. I mean sometimes it sounded promising like the people too friendly in the small town. This had the potential to be developed. Also I did not find Dog credible at all! I mean the dog jump on Jessie shoulder and become the most trained, the most lovable, the more faithful companion all of a sudden? A young dog, coming from nowhere, obviously wild but not. Then the cow with her calf who appear from nowhere and it seems that they belong to Heather and her men? So where were they to do not take care of their animals? I mean this is supposed to be a devastated place, wolves are everywhere and most probably hunting farm animals and yet ding dong here comes the cow and her calf.

So I hope that if the author decides to make a #3 that she will think to give us something new and more credible. The concept is good, now she need to spend more time to deliver us something credible

Note: both of the stories can be read as stand alone.

Publisher’s description

Word Count: 34,902

When your two men are reluctant, do you give up, or do you try and seduce them? Jessie took matters into her own hands and went after the two men who’d cared for her for nearly five years. They needed a little pushing in her direction.

Wyatt and Kent weren’t sure Jessie was ready for their kind of love, but life in the Border Lands can be tough, and they all had to rely on each other to survive. Jessie convinces Kent that she’s ready for love, but Wyatt resists. What will it take to convince Wyatt of her love? When she’s stolen from them, he finds out just how much he loves her and wants her back where she belongs, at home with them.

Excerpt: Belonging to them

Excerpt: A home with them



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