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Where should I start? I am not sure if I have some dominatrix in me or what but I cringed a lot of time reading this story. So many things not credible I’m afraid…

First we have tons of cliché: the bitch spoiled girl, the jerk crude Dom asshole, the I-will-never-ever-commit guy and the sweetheart puppy like. And what do they have in common? Lust.

Lets talk timing. She hired 3 cowboys (we have no idea how she found the ideas) to drive a cattle for two weeks. After this amount of 2 weeks, she is alone another 3 weeks before they show up…. and she finds out she is pregnant. mmm She missed what her period for a couple of days maybe and she already know she is pregnant? I do not know, I do not say that is impossible but my first reaction was it was a bit too quick to know. Would it be possible that the author, Stacey Espino, meant 3 months instead of weeks? That would have been wayyyyy more credible in so many ways.

Now she changes the color of her hair BEFORE they ever show up. At that time, she had no idea that they would ever return and thought she hoped they’de still want her when they found out…. yet a couple of sentences after she admits that she was expecting never to see them again. So what? was she on the deck waiting for them to come or did she just expecting never to see them again. What?

Jane hoped they’d still want her when they found out her secret.
“You’re gorgeous. Perfect.”
She’s sighed contentedly, reveling in their love and attention. It had been a long, lonely few weeks, expecting never to see them again.

Now… about my dominatrix side of me… For over 110 pages, it was a spoiled brat whining and complaining and a big jerk who just wanted to fuck her and disrespected her each time he opened his mouth. Their first time was her masturbating with a toy in front of the 3 guys. I thought it was humiliation most especially because she felt asleep and woke up alone.  WTF? The male jerk character was crude and treated her like a piece of meat. I did not find the romance at all in that. It was a bit better with the other 2 males but yet not very credible. Even though she acted like a true spoiled bitch, the sweetheart knew that she was wearing a mask… mmm… after 2 days? really? I mean really? Then we have the non-commitment guy who just fall for her as soon as she mention that her father left her and never had a steady relationship, he then fell in love on sight?

But even if I cringed I wanted to know, I was hoping that the romance would turn into a romance, that the characters would become more lovable sooner but nope, I had to wait 110 pages out of 147 pages total But when I thought the romance would evolve, after this 2 weeks, at the end of the cattle’s drive, they all ran away thinking that she is going back to the city,  never tried to convince her to stay. They arrive, she jump in a car and they leave. They were like kids pouting because they could not keep their toy to play with them any longer. Then after a twist, she remains in the country alone for 3 weeks because of course they left without making sure she was reallllly going back to the city (again months would have been much much more credible) and all of a sudden they show up at her door. Their excuse? they had to sort it out their personal business before starting their little menage happy ending with her.

That was the cherry on the cake. I mean I would totally love to know that I came after everything and not even knowing IF I would ever see the guys. I would love to remain 3 weeks alone, doing nothing in a big house with animals outsid and nobody competent to take care of them (oh right! lets remember that I am a city girl and know nothing about farm and animals here but after my 2 WEEKS trailing 3 cowboys I became a complete expert and overnight I knew how to care animals because in front of my country house I have now a couple of horses in my new barn! Damn I am good!)…. I just loved that the first thing the guys did when they came back is to give me orders to get rid of my clothes and fuck me, spank me and just make sure that I understand loud and clear that they love me and they will forever remain with me… thanks god for that because for 3 weeks I had no fucking idea that they loved me so much that they preferred to take care of their families and duties and left me in the dark if I would ever see them again… so yeah absolutely I deserved to be spanked for that! and I was so happy to be treated as a toy yet again.

I think the major problem I had with this story beside credibility, is that Stacey Espino confused me. She talks about cow fever, that they may loose cows but then we do not know what happens at the arrival of this journey, she talks about hiring cowboys, has a hard time to find serious one and all of a sudden she has to choose from a list (where is this list coming from as well as the ads on the shops?). It is like she starts a conversation but then stop in the middle of it and move on to another idea. There is no beginning, no middle and no end. It just pops up out of the blue. My advise would be to 1. be realistic with the time/delay 2. think credibility so we can relate to the characters 3. bring the ideas with a satisfactory understanding and ending. In fact this 3 points are valid for all erotic romance authors too 😉

Sorry Mrs Stacey Espino but your story did not do for me at all. The idea was good but I would have much preferred a sweet clumsy city girl with hot temper but honest and some big bears men falling for her… instead of an heroine that I just could not like and some jerk that I wanted to cut his balls off… and here is my dominatrix side of me again! Yeahhhhh! Who wants to be my sub? LOL

Although part of a series, this can be read as a stand alone.

Publisher’s description (Siren Publishing):

Word Count: 45,476
Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, public exhibition, light BDSM, figging, sex toys

Jane’s just inherited her late uncle’s estate. But there’s a catch. She has to ride along in a two-week-long cattle drive or she’ll forfeit the ranch and money. The city girl doesn’t have a clue where to start, so she advertises for three cowboys to assist her.

Chase, Brad and Dawson are hired to drive five thousand head of cattle across the prairies of Alberta. They expect their boss to be some spoiled rich boy looking for adventure, not a stunning woman with legs to die for. She’s unlike any cowgirl—complaining, cursing, and driving them nuts with her forked tongue. It’ll take some tying up and rough cowboy handling to teach the little siren how to behave.

Excerpt: Corraling the City Girl


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  1. I agree with you here. I thought it had a great premise, but I couldn’t get into the heroine’s head. However I do love most of Stacey’s work and really want the third book in the series to come out.


  2. marynaughtywhispers says:

    I have to admit that I was upset when I wrote this review. I usually write it very quickly after I read the last page. In real life I have a hard time to cope with spoiled brad and crude jerks so when I read an erotic romance this is the last personalities I want to read with the main characters! lol

    Indeed Stacey Espino can do much better than that! 🙂