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As I already mentioned, my reviews are not especially new releases. My choices are random: I scroll my menage collection and an author or a title raise my curiosity or it is a book that I already read a while ago and decide to read it again. This the case with Dark Haven by Mandy Monroe.

I have to say a lot of good things about this story. First, the author picked a very original place to place her characters: a boat. So far this is the only story I read that takes place on a boat and I thought it was original. I wish I knew if Mandy Monroe was on a cruise when she wrote it! LOL

Second, I liked that the heroine is a true spitfire. I wonder why people think that redhead are more than the brunettes or the blondes are supposed to be dumb. If there is a genetic person reading this, please drop a few lines to explain your theory!

Third, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, the author either is fluent in French or she took the time to check the french grammar and even the Russian!!! (a minor minor typo on the epilogue: petite mort… petite has an E at the end). You have no idea how much it pleased me to read no french typos there. Oh and I am glad that the author did not give us too much Latin! LOL I only have to give lot of kudos for making sure that the foreign language was correctly written!

The plot was not huge but nicely mixed with the romance. I wonder why the author did not explained more why the three guys were not lovers but since she put the heroine in the center of the relationship and sex was just a release nothing emotional, I understood that was not important. I thought that the heroine accepted a bit too quickly for someone as stubborn and opinionated so in that it was not really credible and maybe it was a bit too quick in time to change a non believer to a true one? I always have a hard time if the author does not allow the heroine a couple weeks to change her mind etc.

NotE: I picked MFMM+ and +MMMF because it was suggested that the 3 males had sex and were bisexuals but they never did have a MM sex in this story. I am not sure why the publisher mentioned forced seduction because I did not read any except maybe a mention that the villain was using it but no explicit description at all.

What I liked is that Mandy Monroe describes the vampires in a different way such the oldest a vampire is, the biggest chance he is going to turn berserk and loose the emotional part. I also liked that the heroine was born by insemination and her mom was a high maintenance. I thought the “condom” conversation with her mom was hilarious. Overall, I had a great time to re-read this story and Mandy Monroe is another great NCP authors that I enjoy checking her new menage like Hungry like the wolf and Dances with the wolves or Savage heat.

Publisher’s description (New Concepts Publisher):

Trapped between two horny vampires and one lusty werewolf on a cruise ship with several hundred other weirdos that thought that they were vampires, Scarlett seriously considered jumping ship. Unfortunately, she hadn’t discovered the truth about her fellow passengers until the ship was somewhere in the middle of the ocean. She decided she wouldn’t have much success talking her way out of the sharks taking a bite out of her, but she would soon realize she wouldn’t have much luck where the men were concerned either.

Multiple partners/heroes, group sex. Anal penetration, exhibitionism, oral sex, and forced seduction. NO male on male action.


I have no idea why the cover artist decided to draw this cover. I have no idea who is this guy? There is no mention of a tattooed guy on a throne and what is this mask about and the bat?? Nobody change into bat in this book, nobody is using a mask, no throne either. I wonder if it was a mistake from the publisher for the wrong story? I also wonder what was the reaction of the author when she saw the cover for her story… I know what would have been mine: WTF? I am glad that I do not take the cover into consideration in my rating tho…

Note to publisher:

please rectify the hiccups in chapter 7… few sentences are doubled.

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