My rating: 5/5

I love this author. period. No matter what she writes I always have a fantastic time to read her.

I hesitated to give a 4.5 or 5. The 5 won because it is one of the very rare book I truly laughed. It is full of humor. But make no mistake it is not a comedy book at all! It is a paranormal menage MMF book but the kind that has twists so I will not tell which kind of paranormal.

At first, you may find annoying Turner. Everything to dislike him: arrogant, mean, selfish, jerk… really not a lovable character. The girl, Matty, is a bit too needy and seems to not have much of pride.

BUT… once you understand that Turner is just a big softy bear who has been heart, once you just look at Matty as a naive and sweet little clumsy girl who spent her life alone but kept this innocence inside and out… then you are ready to move on. It takes about 70 pages tho but trust me that each page is getting better and better.

Once the third arrives, Catch, then the story evolves along with the plot. I loved that I could not pinpoint who was Matty. I really enjoyed to discover why Turner was acting like a moron. I liked also that Catch added some fire in the relationship.

It is quite a long novel (yeah on that!) 250 pages. I find that so great to be able to know the characters, to see the relationship unfold, to appreciate the plot. Each were developed perfectly.


But I have to insist on the humor I found in this story and of course I must quote some:

 He covered her mouth with his and fucked her with his tongue. Some tiny corner of his brain yelled, “Slow, tender, gentle,” but his marauding Viking tongue went for “pillage, thrust and ravage”.

One knee shoved hard and Catch released her with a howl of anguish (…) He wanted, needed, had to have her. Which was kind of a problem (…) and also the reason he hadn’t raced after her and fucked her socks off. Well, that and the fact his little swimmers were currently lounging around somewhere above his kidneys in need of CPR.

“Well, neither of you are first really,” Matty said and Catch bristled. Who else has touched her? “Mr. Pink Thing had that honor.”

Turner snorted before Catch had calmed enough to understand what she meant. The fucking butt plug.

“If Catch doesn’t mind…” Turner began.

I fucking do.

“I’d like your pussy while he takes your ass,” Turner said.

I fucking don’t.

“Okay, Catch?” Matty asked.

Oh Christ, she expects me to speak? Catch opened his mouth and squeaked. Damn it. He coughed and tried again. “I…you…please.” Great.

Turner laughed. The rat. “On your knees, Matty.”

And this gives you an idea but honestly it is hard to read it outside of the book and truly enjoy the humor. I am sure that Barbara Elsborg had a lot of fun writing this story and it shows!

Publisher’s description (Jasmine Jade Enterprise / Ellora’s):

I’m in trouble.

Matty suddenly finds herself back in her childhood home, naked and alone, with no clue how she came to be there. When her greedy uncle sells Milford Hall from under her, Matty hides in the attic.

The woman is trouble.

Vampire historian Turner has long had his eye on Milford Hall, and there is no price he won’t pay to own it. He doesn’t expect to find an aggravating female living in his attic, insisting she has a right to be there. The small print in the contract backs her up, but Turner is determined to maintain his privacy. Doesn’t matter that she’s the hottest thing he’s seen for years—in order to protect her from his mistakes, Matty has to go.

I eat trouble for dinner.

After a self-imposed twenty-year absence from Turner, werewolf Catch arrives to put the past right and save his former lover from circling enemies. But one kiss from Matty, and Catch has more than Turner to worry about. Neither boy wants to share their new toy.


The cover is soso. The only thing right is the girl who looks like the heroine with her short white hair. Besides that, nothing really attractive besides the two nice male models faces. For me I call this a cheap cover.


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