My rating: 4/5

Carol Lynne is well known for her MM novels. Once in a while she decides to give us an earlier Christmas present! It is always a treat and this story is no exception. This book is a great MMF story.

What I like is that her story are about characters, doubts, scorching emotions, jealousy, passion, tenderness… pretty much everything a human being is going true when in love or has been hurt.

Here, we have to deal with cheating and mourning and gossips and revenge. How many of us had to deal with one or even all of that? How someone would react if after many years of worshiping a dead love, you discovered that he (or she) was not worthy and was in fact cheating on you all along. Will this destroy you? Will you deal and move on? Will you be hurt, feel ridicule, stupid, angry? What about small town gossips? How can someone be out of the closet in a small town? Is it feasible? And what about revenge… how someone can hide his/her hate for years and not showing the real face? Can someone be truly nice without being called naive and stupid and trust in the good of people?

Something that we should remember. When our man starts to criticize our weight or clothes or what we eat or like or do… then this should immediately ring a bell in our brain and we should immediately react. Love is support all the way and I truly believe in the “if I am not happy, say my goodbyes and see if the grass is greener elsewhere”.

All those emotions are developed here. It is a MMF story but everyone is equal and I love it (yeah yeah I repeat myself, maybe I am going to adopt it as a mantra!). This story was very credible and I love that. Of course meeting the third at first sight was a bit too convenient but for the story purpose it was very okay. The credibility was more on the emotions and personalities levels.

How far someone is ready to accept a third for love? When I read the last page, I had a tender smile on my face: the relationship was sweet and the characters were sweet. I think this is a great story. 142 pages is not much (for me) but it did not feel like I was starving at the end of the story or felt like it was unfinished or rushed. I recommend this menage romance a lot 🙂

Publisher’s description:

Genre: Contemporary, Gay, Male/Female, Menage, Romance

Despite being the talk of Grassland, Kansas, Sabrina Duvall never questioned her decision to live with, and love, two men. After losing one of them in a car accident, Brin picks up the pieces with Jack Trawley by her side. Two years later, Jack and Brin were happy but began to feel like something was missing. When Jack meets the new bartender in town, he realizes what that something is. Bartender, Gavin Louquet, may not have been looking for a family when he meets Jack and Brin, but it didn’t take him long to realize he had a chance to have everything he’d ever dreamed of but never thought possible. Brin knows her marriage is at a crossroads. Jack would never betray her by straying, but could her husband ever be truly happy without the love of another man? Could she? For better or worse, Brin loved being part of a threesome, but did she have the strength to try again?

Excerpt: Grassland by Carol Lynne


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