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Where shall I start? Maybe the first thing to say is that at page 6 I started to have teary eyes? Wow! I did not expect that! I am a bookaholic but I am not over the top emotional when I read a book. I smile here and there when an author has the great idea to add some humor but crying is not me. I cried only one time (Fierce Radiance by Tymber Dalton) among the thousands of romantica books I read so I was not expecting that at all and as soon as page 6? I would say that Skhye Moncrief has sure a gift to manipulate the words…

At first, I was a bit lost to understand this futuristic world but very quickly I understood the basic: Some aliens decided to abduct some humans and manipulate their genetic in order to breed them: men became werewolfs and women cougars. However, the cougars were rare and those who escapes the aliens were hunted and traded by the Normals, humans who were not genetically modified.

In Cougar, the story is focused on the relationship between two individuals: insecurities, jealousy, fears to love, miscommunication, being able to love again without betrayal… In order to survive, a woman must find the strongest male to mate to receive protection. That is a very old fashioned notion that Skhye Moncrief picked there but if we scratch the first layer nothing is what it seems. I am already curious to know if the aliens will remain all bad or if she will find exceptions at all, if the Normals are all gang rapists and what about the priestesses and the paranormal powers they seem to have. Many possibilities to explore, many books to offer with this series!

This book deserves 10/10. So why 9,5/10? Only because I was hoping to read the cougar bonding with her mate. The many “mine” mentioned by the heroine gave me some expectations and when I did not read her biting her mate in the epilogue, I was a tiny bit upset like waiting for the big fireworks, it is beautiful to see but something is missing if we do not see the big finale… But honestly it is minor, besides that, this is an excellent read. Shkye Moncrief found her own writing style and some very very happy readers! okay… I still prefer her Feral series but it is almost a tie with her werescape series. 🙂

I wondered if I could fall for Jackal as much as for Borun (Feral Fever). My answer is yes: both could be twin brothers!

Good news! book 3 has already a name: Beauty and the Brute

Publisher’s description:

With her beloved Shifter mate two days in Oregon’s ground, Sierra must choose to live or die. She has two options—join a Shifter clan by choosing a mate or live alone. Life is dangerous for a woman, AEI. Women choose protection in a group or are sold into slavery, even to the aliens. She opts for the protection of the clan, him. LENGTH: Mid-Novel – RATING: Erotica, Heroine has sex with hero in his Wolfskin. GENRE: Paranormal

Bad note to cover artist:

Another reviewer mentioned that the cover does not do justice to this story and I tend to agree unfortunately. I find that the male seems a bit too young and since we do not see any cougar animal in the background this can be confusing vs cougar older woman with a younger man. I am also not fond of her face and she seems way taller than him. On top of that he is supposed to have a shaved head, totally hairless and very tall. I do not see any wolf or cougar or alien in the background which I think would have complemented the title and grounded the storyline. But I did note that she has her Black Betty (rifle) and guns. I did not expect a sexy cover but something is just missing there.

Note to publisher (New Concepts Publishing):

I would only suggest the publisher to add a mention about “heroine gang rape references”. It was never described in too much details that I felt uncomfortable to read it but it is maybe something that some readers would like to know in the blurb.

Excerpt book 1: Cougar by Skhye Moncrief


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  1. Skhye says:

    Thanks, Mary! I appreciate the time you spent reviewing this book, especially since it’s M/F!!! I didn’t even break the mold and can’t really believe I can write another hero who can walk in Jackal’s boots…. 😦