My review: 3.5

NCP do have a great lot of authors for sure! Another book I really liked.

I am very fond of women who have a strong personality. The heroine is sure one of them. I enjoy the fact that the men did not control her. Several time I had to smile. I recall most especially when the males just tired her with sex and lack of sleep so the can just walk in circle to gain time.

The plot was original. It is rare to read an heroine who is a paid assassin. The men were also endearing.

Funny quotes:

Every time I read this, I am grinning from ear to ear!

“I love you.”

He swallowed audibly, studying her expression doubtfully. “Truly?”


His cock hardened against her thigh. “How deeply?” he murmured, laughter in his voice.

“Very, very deeply.”

He slipped between her thighs, pressing the head of his cock slowly inside of her.

“That deeply?”

“A little deeper.”

He curled his hips, giving her another inch. “That much?”


“You are a demanding wench,” he growled. “How about now?”

“Almost there!”

He dipped his head to kiss her lingeringly. “You’d better not be. I’ve still got several inches and a good five minutes to go, my love.”

She sighed in feigned disappointment. “Only five?”

He chuckled. “And then mayhap five more when I’ve caught my breath. I may have to call in reinforcements if that doesn’t satisfy you, wench!” He considered that and grimaced. “That may cause a riot. You’d best brace yourself, woman. There is a thundering herd of romance minded wolf men in your future.”

This is not a long novel. It has 97 pages but well worth to read it! You will sure spend a nice time reading this book!

Publisher’s description:

The route she knew she had to take was more perilous in many ways than the task she’d been set, but Sonja was accustomed to taking risks, used to twisting men around her finger to get what she wanted. Surely, she could manage the beast men of Shadowmere?

Multiple sexual partners, ménage a trois.


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