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Although I am generally not fond of short story and in my long list of to do read I usually put them in the bottom, I make some exceptions. This book was one of them and I do not regret it.

This book has 85 pages. It could be more or less. Why? Because NCP does not deliver a good pdf conversion all the time and I need to make my own which sucks if you think about it because I paid to read it on my ereader but I cannot so I have to spend some time to make a better conversion (message to NCP and other publishers: can you please verify that your pdf version do work on ereader before? Please do not make the lame excuse that my ereader is the problem since it usually works really nicely. You will see the problem with the font. For some reason the font is messed up).

This said, the story was short but very easy to read and fun. It is not always the case when the authors choose the sci-fi. I got totally hooked with the story and the characters. It was well written and the males were endearing even though they are demons. This serie has great potential. The heroine for example is a dragon shifter but other characters are a goddess of fire, battle-droids, assassin soldiers,  Enyo warriors (you may read more about them with the Enyo Chronicles).

Now… this brings a question: how can demons be “good” meaning nice and cute and all?  It is quite funny that the authors are making a distinction between good demons and bad demons. I think that they assimilate the good demons as angels but since in our mind angels are pure and virgin, they put some demons in the good category because it is “okay” for them to be dirty, to lust and have all kind of emotions. I, of course, generalize because I also have read some (few not much) menage with a demon and an angel… although I do not remember the name of it but I remember that it was not a happy menage ending and one of them had to go back to his realm.

Ranin Seven is the first book of a serie Demons and Dragons. This book was released in February 2010 and book 2 Slave Market a MF story was release in may 2011.

Here is an hilarious quote I read:

You’re not that big, sweetness. No more than a couple of meters, dainty really,” he said with such serious sweetness that her emotions ran riot.

Don’t you think this could be the replica of all males in the universe appeasing, us poor women, our physical insecurities?

Many times in this story I found humor which is relatively rare to read and makes it even more special. So this is a read that you do not want to miss. This author wrote a couple of other sci-fi menages really good such the Enyo Chronical series Dalila’s choice and Joon’s Temptation. She does not limit her talent with menage but also wrote a couple of MF.

Note to NCP cover artists: your designs are most of the time really beautiful. Your bright colors a great choice. However, you should make sure to have a clear font color. The different type of fonts are nice but most of the time it is really hard to read the title or even the author’s name on top of your designs.

My interview with Evanne Loraine

 Publisher’s description:

As a d’skeku trooper, Zaynah belongs to the emperor. Duty is everything. She’s sworn to take her own life if she fails to achieve her mission. When demon brothers rescue her from the wreckage of her spacecraft, she faces a heartbreaking test.


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