My review: 4.5

What a great story! I am not sure where to start because this is the kind of book that once I started to read the first page, I just could not stop reading up to the end. Those books are rare.

The story is very original. An entity who is very old and almost last of his kind cross the path of a space ship and find his mate. In a couple of words I described the story but trust me it is not boring at all. I liked very much Legion and his arrogance. Normally you will me say it otherwise but in this case, his arrogance was more about his incredible powers that raise him (in his opinion) as the same level as a God. But it was also compensated with his naive way to look at a complete different civilization.

I liked very much the heroine who had strength. What make this heroine special is that she was not the virgin waiting for her mate to come and kidnap her. She lost her husband and was still struggling between mourning and keep the ideal relationship in her mind although this relationship had flaws. Her character was very interesting. Once the twin brother appears, it adds an extra layer to the story and of course a nice twisted menage turn 🙂

I like very much the cover. Jenny Dixon is really one of my favorite cover artist. She always capture the essence of the character.

Publisher’s description:

As certain as Anya was that the being who called himself Legion was more dangerous than any force in the universe, she found herself falling unwillingly beneath the spell of seduction he wove around her, struggling uselessly against his determination to win her as his mate.Contains two heroes, explicit sex, graphic language, and ménage a trois. Expanded from the novella, Pleasure Master previously released in the anthology Phoenix Rising II.


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