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Another favorite author of mine: Kaitlyn O’Connor. If I had to give one note about her entire collection, I would pick 9/10. And that says tons. Beside one series that I did not like much (The alien breeders series), I can easily say that I read each of her menage books a couple of times already. When I am not inspired by the new weekly releases, I systematically turn to Kaitlyn O’Connor and Madeleine Montague first… Skhye Moncrief could be next if she continues to write menage with the same quality she wrote Feral Fever 🙂

Chaos forged is a very original story. The human, arrogant species ever born in the universe, discover that they are not alone at all. The discovering of each species awake feelings and physical desires.

Dark Abyss… I do believe that I read this book at least 4 times. I thought the plot was extremely original. The plot was not dramatic but nicely unfold. The men were funny and cute. What not to like in this book?

The Portal is just a must read. The story was totally credible! Imagine that today, we send people to the other side of the solar system, they go thru some technical issues and discover that they jumped in the far future, once they come back on earth, human are no longer human because our scientists played with the genetics… Is is that much incredible? The 3 males were totally endearing too.

The 9th Orb is another matriarchal story. The queens were like bees or ants. It was interesting to see how education can make a difference in a culture.

All the heroines of Kaitlyn O’Connor do have the same personalities: smart, pretty but not overly beautiful, open minded, kind and a great sense of humility and devotion.

Pretty much all the males of Kaitlyn O’Connor do have also the same personalities: smart, extremely big physically, extremely respectful of women (matriarchal structure is very common in her books), and have the same qualities as the heroine.

Something extremely nice about her work in general is that each book is in a different universe and the aliens are different. The plot is always very strong and the sex scenes start after the second half of the book but it is always the same: multiple MF relationship with MF sex scenes although voyeurism take a great place and justify a bit the menage. The number of males vary but 3 is the average. As usual the third do not have equal development which is always frustrating.

Kaitlyn O’Connor is really an author that you cannot miss in the sci-fi erotica!

Publisher’s description:

Chaos Forged: Stranded on the space station when the worst plague the world has even known strikes, the crew of the Pegasus can only watch helplessly as their civilization crumbles. Have the visitors from the other side of the universe truly come to help? Or are they scavengers, come to feed upon the carcass of a once great civilization?

Dark Abyss:  She wanted to save the world—They wanted to save theirs. When the High Guardian of the Watchmen, Simon, is ordered to put a stop to the terrorists determined to wipe out the ‘non humans’, he zeros in on the daughter of the man believed to be the leader—Dr. Anna Blake. Miles Cavendish might be as slippery as they come, but Anna is all too easy for them to lay their hands on.

The Portal: Dr. Alexis Conyers, is among the scientists sent from the near future to find a new home for mankind, but once her and her crewmembers erect the Portal, none of the colonists they’re expecting arrive. When they decide to use the portal to return to earth they discover that nearly a thousand years have passed and the world they return to has changed drastically. Mankind, except for a small enclave, has fled the earth and humans are despised by those abandoned-the beast folk.

The ninth Orb: Scientifically speaking, it made sense to send two hundred women and ‘frozen pops’ to establish the colony on New Georgia and insure a good gene pool. But when the colonists arrive after fifteen years of space travel, and discover that the alien compound directly across from their new city is filled with young, virile Xtanian men eager for ‘queens’ Eden Chisholm has her hands full trying to keep the peace. Contains graphic sex, explicit language, profanity, some violence, group sex, and some material that could be offensive to sensitive readers.

Excerpt: Chaos forged by Kaitlyn O’Connor

Excerpt: Dark Abyss by Kaitlyn O’Connor

Excerpt: The Portal by Kaitlyn O’Connor

Excerpt: The ninth Orb by Kaitlyn O’Connor


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