My review: 4 stars

First of all, I would like to rectify the order of the books. In my opinion, it should be read like this:

Deep Pressure – book 2
The Trigon Rituals – book 1
Dominance Fury – book 3

I have no idea why but it makes more sense to me since the 2 guys on book 2 are not mated and the same 2 guys on book 1 are. It seems that it is not chronological. It will not change much the story tho but it makes more logical sense to me since we find the same characters in each book of this series.

All 3 books are about menage. Trigon = 3. It is 2 alien males and 1 earth woman. The men are not picked randomly but chosen spiritually. Same with the woman. They have one chosen female. The stories are all about mating.

Angela Whiting decided that her characters were like prey and hunters. The more a prey run, the more exciting it is for the hunters. It seems that we see the same pattern with male and female. If a female is too easy, the male tend to not be interested but if a female tease and look away, then the male’s pride urges him to run after the woman to get her, to conquer her, to make her submit.

This is pretty much the same in each book of the Trigon Rituals series. However, the women are totally completely blind to what is going on.I wished that the women had a little bit more of control over the males since they are mostly acting as cavemen sometimes but the women even if they fight a loose battle still have some spirits to not give up easily which is good in my book. How boring to read a weak brainless female over and over!

If you are looking for a strong plot, this is not the case. This serie is all about relationship between men and a woman. Although I liked book 1 and 2, I must say that I liked book 3 better. It seems that Angela Whiting found her breath and explored the fear in each woman to trust her partner, here her partners plural.. I particularly liked that the woman was very difficult to catch and it was not an easy mating for once.

At first, you will be a little bit lost with all the aliens words and rituals but Angela Whiting wrote a dictionary and an explanation why those aliens are seeking earth women. So stick with the first 30 pages and things will be much easier.

The stories are original, well written and sex scenes are true threesomes (MFM).

Book 4 should be out in 2012 and hopefully it will be the story of Locol who is a character that we find on all 3 books. You may also read a free very short story Prowling in Esotar.

I strongly recommend reading this serie!

Publisher’s description (New Concepts Publishing):

The Tribon Rituals: Double your pleasure double your fun is Alea’s private motto.While her friends indulge in flirting with the available men, Alea has her own private brand of scrutinizing–in pairs. I’ll take that one … with … that one. Single men just don’t turn her on. Contains explicit sex, graphic language, and adult situations such as multiple sex partners.

Deep Pressure: Karen suffered from a condition her entire life that’s made her life hellish. Unable to bear a lover’s touch, she’s twenty five and still a virgin so she can’t figure out why she’s started having these really intense, erotic dreams about Lemac and Dgor. Contains strong language, graphic sex scenes, adult situations, and menage scenes.

Dominance Fury: Tertani warriors Calem ot Karisi and Arjim ot Triadel had been at each other’s throats since they were small children. Joined by transdelta link when they were very young, their minds began reaching across the galaxies to find their female mate. She was an earthling named Sydney, but their early linking came at a price, their mind blending and their need to flaunt for their woman manifesting before they reached the age of maturity. When their beloved suddenly vacates their minds and they are unable to re-link with her, their hearts twist with agony as they believe she is dead. Yet their own brethren link to each other fails to disconnect and two alpha males begin the ascension that triggers the dominance fury. Length: Full Novel Genre: Futuristic Rating: Erotic. Contains ménage à trois.


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