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I just finished reading FERAL FEVER for the second time, and I must say that it was still as magical as it was the first time.

First of all, this book is #3 in the FERAL series but it can totally be a stand alone. It is a menage with 7 men and 1 woman but not really all together at once. It is not really a shape-shifter story like you may normally find. It is a matriarchal romance and the women domination over the males creates all kinds of emotional conflicts.

It is very interesting how Skhye Moncrief created the main female character as if you could meet her on the street. In 1/3 of the book we learn about the character and all her hang ups from being raised traditionally on earth. The next 2/3s of the book, she learns to cope and open her heart over and over. The last third, she is totally assimilated into her new home planet. It was a very interesting message that the author brought to us: if we have an open mind, anything is possible.

The male characters are (of course) physically strong. I said of course because so far I never ever read a story where a male character was weak and small. Anyway, each man has a different personality. We still find the alpha status that we see in menage with more than 3 guys. Here we have the younger one who is built as a mountain and has a sweet puppy personality… We have the older man who is passionate and wise… We have the emotional main hero who is a high maintenance type of guy… We have the selfish one… We have the misunderstood. Each man creates a special connection with the heroine who is truly the main focus of the plot and the romance.

You will find sex scenes nicely written. I almost thought at one point that I would read a true multiple sex partner scene at the same time, but maybe the author was a bit shy to explore this, or maybe this did not fit with the way the heroine is having her relationship with each man but what started multiple ended with one only. So I would say that it is not a traditional menage but more a multiple of MF living in the same home. Funny enough, I noticed that Skhye Moncrief is not the only NCP author to write her romance stories like this: Madeleine Montague and Kaithlyn O’Connor are also writing their stories like this: no sex scenes with more than a male at a time.

The plot in this book is strong and you wish to know who is the nasty guy. Early on, we have a good idea, but the plot shows us different avenues that were really interesting to follow.

I must say that at one point, I did not know if the heroine was a vampire, or a shape shifter, or gifted with paranormal powers, or why not a witch. In that, it was nice trying to guess who was what the heroine was.

You will fall in love with Borun, no doubt about it… but also Lehd and Ovh and Var and Calen. Mixed together, and they are the perfect man.

A note about the cover by Eliza Black… It is not only very attractive with bright colors but the cover reflect the main character Borun. The heroine does not have white long hair but close enough to relate to her. 🙂

Publisher’s description:

Blessed are those who just give into the darkness of Luvk… Earthling archaeologist Aisling Bjorn never really considered juggling multiple husbands for were-assassin duty on planet Luvk—a world of tiger folk subjugated by winged aliens–for a career. Her sanity is out of the question when surrounded by enormous muscled Tiger Lords cloaked in sexy leather pants. Their glorious bodies alone could incite riots on Earth. And they all want her. One thing’s for certain, love or lust, everyone eventually succumbs to Luvks’ FERAL FEVER. (Multiple sex partners)

Book 4 of this series is coming in september 2011. It is another menage romance named Feral Fallout. I will make sure to be first on line to buy it!

Please note that book 1 (Feral Fascinations) and book 2 (Feral Flaw) are MF only as well as the free read book 3.5 (Feral Force) 

Excerpt book 3:  Feral Fever by Skhye Moncrief


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