My review: 4/5

Madeleine Montague is one of my favorite author. She is most well known about her wolfen series which I love and will blog about later. Madeleine Montague has always very strong plot as well as menage romance. However, we will never hear about the men thoughts, it will be always one side from the heroine perspective. Sometimes I miss that.

The men characters follow often the same pattern in each of her novel: alpha, beta and 2 omegas. But in Dragon Blood, she decided to have a sextuplets (6) male characters and since the shape shifters are dragons and not a pack of wolfen, the alpha was not really identified except that he was the first born.

The heroine is a strong will young woman who just finished graduating her FBI degree. Because she is a woman, she has to prove her skills in a boot camp. She get lost and attacked by a wild bear. She is discovered by two of dragons and saved. Their action push them into an out of control mating rage as well as another of the sibling. She become pregnant in the process and it is then a chase between the FBI and her since they discovered she is carrying an alien DNA.

The story is not the best Madeleine Montague wrote but it was very original and very well written. When we read her, we pretty know that the sex scenes will be on the second half of the story, even sometimes very late but in Dragon Blood it was a nice surprise to see that Madeleine Montague changed her pattern and mixed plot and sex scenes all along. It was not sex scenes after sex scenes though but nicely mixed to justify the story.

Now. why not a 5/5? Because I hate when a menage story leave out some of the main characters and this is the case here. At the end of the story, it is explained that she is attracted to all 6 guys but it ends with only her and 3 of them. The last 3, we have a good idea that one of them is already in love but the last 2, we have absolutely no idea except that they lust her and wish an offspring. It seems that Madeleine Montague has a hard time to give equal amount of time to portray her males. With her wolfen, I can describe the alpha and the beta very well but very little with the last 2 omegas. Here it is the same with the last 2 of 6.

The happy menage ending that I am very fond of was not fulfilled. The last page was not what I excepted as an epilogue such a couple years later with her and another triplet of kids from the last 3 guys. It is suggested but nothing more. The funny thing is that Madeleine Montague reminds me a lot Kaitlyn O’Connor: they both describe very well the alpha male characters, much less the betas and the heroine is always a middle aged woman who is somehow very ordinary. Same pattern.

Overall, it was still a very enjoyable reading and her style is just easy enough that you want to turn the pages after pages without a break. A great book to get in a collection. Also special kudos for the cover artist  Eliza Black: although we do not see 6 dragons, the colors are beautiful and very attractive and the dragon font is a very nice extra touch 🙂

Publisher’s description:

They were the last of their kind–brothers born of the last dragon and doomed never to find mates of their own–not of their own kind, at any rate. Graphic violence and sexual encounters, multiple sexual partners.


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